Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA)
Member Self Service Portal
To login into IWMA Member Self Service Portal, members must have registered their 'Legal Contact Email ID’ with IWMA Secretariat.
Hence, members who have not registered their 'Legal Contact Email ID' or members who want to change their company’s currently registered 'Legal Contact email ID' are requested to share their company's new 'Legal Contact Email ID' to using the attached format printed on the company's letter head.
Format: IWMA_Update_Legal_Contact_Email_ID_v2.docx
Kindly note that it is important to keep the 'Legal Contact Email ID' updated up to date with IWMA Secretariat because that email ID is not only utilised to login into IWMA Member Self Service Portal, but also, all important details like Subscription Due Notice, AGM Report, AGM Notice, EC Election Notice and all other official communications are shared only through electronic mode to that email ID via IWMA Google Groups.